Transportation Tanker

HDPE fabricated Transportation Tanker is required for relocating bulk quantity petroleum products, chemical substances, crude oil and waste water. Usually, it is used for transporting HCL, sulfuric acid and various other acidic solutions. Latest injection molding technology has been used to develop this tanker. Protected against leakage, this tank is offered with accessories like flow meter, dipstick and level gauge. Light in weight, this HDPE product can be installed easily on truck. Solid structure, high temperature and harsh weather proof surface, good anti bacterial properties of inner surface, abrasion proof design and thick wall construction are its key factors. Being impact and chemical protected, this Transportation Tanker has long working life. Touch surface quality, recyclable nature, low cost and simple cleaning process are its key attributes.


1) This light weight tanker is offered in different storage capacity based options.
2) Made of non toxic HDPE material, this product is recyclable.
3) Weather proof body.
4) Compatible with chemical solutions.

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